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2217 W. Ferdinand St
Chicago, IL



See a list of what Chicago Percussion Lessons has to offer. This includes drum set, world percussion, keyboard percussion, orchestral percussion, multi-percussion, and marching percussion. Drum set lessons, conga lessons, marimba lessons, bata lessons, timbale lessons, cajon lessons, orchestral percussion lessons, solo percussion lessons, snare drum lessons, djembe lessons, and more!

Chicago Percussion Lessons Studio

Gain exposure to the ever-evolving world of percussion and drums at Chicago Percussion Lessons! Taking private lessons is one of the most effective ways to enhance your abilities as a musician and that's what we do. Learn how to play a huge variety of percussion instruments and musical styles. From solo marimba to Havana-style bata drumming; orchestral excerpts to funk drum set, studying with us will be engaging, challenging, and rewarding.
Oh yeah, it's also going to be AWESOME!


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The Benefits of Music Education (PBS)

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Long-Term Benefits of Music Lessons (NYTimes)


Drum Set 

  • Rock

  • Funk

  • Jazz

  • World

  • Hip-Hop

Orchestral Percussion

  • Snare Drum

  • Crash Cymbals

  • Tambourine

  • Bass Drum

  • Triangle

World Percussion

  • Congas

  • Bata

  • Timbales

  • Cajon

  • Chekere


  • Solo

  • w/Accompaniment

  • w/Tape

Keyboard Percussion

  • Marimba

  • Vibraphone

  • Xylophone

  • Glockenspiel/Bells

  • Tubular Bells/Chimes*

Marching Percussion

  • Snare drum

  • Tenor drums

  • Cymbals

  • Bass Drum

  • Front Ensemble