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2217 W. Ferdinand St
Chicago, IL


Pricing & Policies

Private Lesson Tuition

30min - $30

45min - $40

60min - $50


In-Home Tuition

30min - $35 + $5/mi

45min - $45 + $5/mi

60min - $55 + $5/mi


Cancellation Policy

Students are allowed one make-up lesson per month for a missed lesson. Lessons canceled within 24hrs of the scheduled time will be charged the regular tuition rate, so please plan accordingly.

Instrument Rental Fees

Charges are made on a per-service basis. Hourly rentals, weekly rentals, and monthly rentals are available. Please contact Dane Crozier for rental rates. 

Instrument Rental Policy

Renters will sign a rental agreement which states the specific terms of the lease. Once signed, the renter is responsible for the proper handling of item(s) rented. The condition of the item(s) will be dually assessed by the owner and renter prior to the rental period. Renters are liable for any damages which occur during their rental term.