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While searching the web for potential percussion teachers for my 12 year old son, I came across Dane’s website for Chicago Percussion Lessons. My initial impression was wow, this is cool, creative, well-organized, and informative. I soon learned that Dane is just as cool, creative, and well-organized as his website. My son has been taking lessons with Dane for 8 months and we are extremely happy to have found him.

He is patient and professional—always prepared, keeps notes between lessons, and adjusts the pace of lessons to match the progress of the student. Not only is Dane teaching my son how to play the marimba, he is also an excellent role model both as a musician and as a person. I never get any push-back from my son when it is time to go to a lesson with Dane; I highly recommend him.
— Barbara F.
My son, who is 6, has been taking drum lessons with Dane for over a year. It takes a special talent to go from amazing performer and adult teacher, to having the patience and fortitude to teach a six-year old. I’m consistently impressed, both with what he is learning and able to do, as well as with the relationship they’ve built. I think my son is being gifted with a lifelong love of music - thanks in no short measure, to Dane.
— Joy S.
I’ve been taking conga lessons from Dane for almost a year. He’s a great teacher - timely, dependable, personable and fun! I would highly recommend Dane.
— Brian T.
My son loves to drum! And Dane shows him it is more than just banging around. He is learning musical concepts (and I am too!) that he isn’t learning at school. His drum collection is extensive and he exposes my son to a variety of percussion instruments at every lesson. Dane is patient, flexible and highly recommended!
— Amanda H.
Dane has been teaching our son Charlie drums since he was 3. I think what impressed me most about Dane at first was his patience with a young student. Charlie didn’t always want to stick to the lesson plan but Dane never got frustrated with him and always steered him back to learning.

Dane is great at explaining concepts that could be hard for a young student to grasp. Charlie is now 6 and aside from the drumming techniques they often discuss reading and writing music.

Charlie loves all things music so he’ll likely be working with Dane for many more years. And we couldn’t be happier about that!

I highly recommend Dane!
— Daniel D.
About a year ago, I began to seek out hand drum lessons in Chicago. Having a degree in percussion, I tend to tread lightly when it comes to new teachers but Chicago Percussion Lessons was a great find. Dane is extremely knowledgeable about the traditions I wanted to learn (we moved through various Afro-Cuban conga styles and then delved into Batá). I would recommend Dane for his breadth of knowledge about percussion instruments, their history, and most importantly, how to use them in traditional and modern contexts. I’m entirely satisfied with my progress so far, and I look forward to working with him in the future.
— Nathan S.